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A Road Map to Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

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A pie chart showing sections for (clockwise) Sustainability, Associated Costs of Implementation, Staffing, Training, Equipment, and Facilities.

Financial and Personnel Costs

Programs cost money. You will likely need program-specific materials to implement the program (manuals, materials, etc.). However, implementing a new program may also require additional funds to hire new staff or purchase needed equipment or space. Contact the developer to discuss the program you are considering. The developer can clarify basic information such as costs, time needed, what to expect, etc. You also need to clearly identify your financial and staff and community resources. Do you have space available? Do you have the funding you need to fully implement the program? How much will the program itself cost? The program developer often indicates in the program materials how much it will cost for staff training, materials, additional equipment, technical assistance support, and all other costs directly associated with the program. Ask the program developer about these implementation costs and the cost of service delivery (how a program bills for the services it provides), if appropriate.

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