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Sources of Quantitative Data

Pie chart with 'Surveys,' 'Questionnaires,' and 'Archival Records' on each of three parts.

The nature of the data you collect will be either quantitative or qualitative (or you may want to collect both). If you are using an experimental or quasi-experimental design, the emphasis of your study will likely be on quantitative data, since these are the data to which statistical tests can be applied.

Quantitative data can be counted and expressed in numerical terms. Sources of quantitative data include surveys, questionnaires, and archival records or databases. Surveys and questionnaires can be self-report (i.e., people give information about themselves), or they may ask third parties, such as teachers, parents, caregivers, or spouses, to provide information about an individual. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to use standardized quantitative instruments that have been well tested in the field and have demonstrated strong psychometric properties.

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