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As you set your budget, be certain you have the financial resources to cover the required costs before taking any steps toward implementation. If you are currently receiving a grant, you may be able (or required) to use up to 20% of your grant funds for evaluation. This amount may be sufficient or may need to be supplemented. If your organization is within or affiliated with a social service agency, find out if the agency has any funds specifically set aside to cover evaluation activities. If there is a set-aside, be clear about the total amount of money available, the types of activities the set-aside is designed to fund (some are earmarked for specific categories of expenses, such as labor or data collection), and if others intend to use the money for their own evaluations.

Government, private, and some nonprofit agencies and foundations also offer funds specifically for evaluation activities. These grants are offered most often in the context of advancing knowledge in a particular area or to support the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions. You may need to do some investigating to find a grant program focused on funding evaluations in your program area.

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