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A written evaluation report may be the conventional method of disseminating findings, but it need not be your sole strategy. Try using use other techniques to reach the broadest possible audience.

Oral presentations can be effective in reaching certain decisionmakers and community groups. Depending on what kind of exposure you are trying to achieve, you can try venues that are large (e.g., national conferences and meetings of professional associations) or small (e.g., meetings of local community groups, boards of directors). An interactive presentation with visual renderings of your evaluation results or contextual information (such as graphics and photos) can go far to spark interest. You can offer to answer questions after the presentation and provide handouts for further reading and follow up.

Other venues include Web sites, press releases, newsletters, email blasts, question-and-answer statements, op-ed articles in newspapers, articles in professional journals, written testimony to local or State legislative bodies, or even brown-bag lunches. Video-based presentations shared via CD-ROM or online (e.g., YouTube) and social media are also increasingly being used as communication tools.

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