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Preparing an Intervention for NREPP Submission and Potential Review

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Program developers who prepare a complete submission packet can apply for review during the NREPP open submission period, which occurs annually. A typical NREPP submission cycle takes place over the course of 9 to 12 months. An overview of the submission cycle follows.

The Federal Register notice is published

Information on the submission period and minimum review requirements is published in a Federal Register notice, prior to the open submission period.

The submission period opens

Program developers use the NREPP Online Submission System to upload relevant electronic documents. Documents can be uploaded throughout the submission period.

The submission period closes and program assessments begin

NREPP staff carefully screen the submitted materials for evidence that the interventions meet the minimum review requirements. Only interventions that meet these requirements are considered for acceptance, and the final selections are determined by the availability of SAMHSA’s funding resources.

Programs receive notification of SAMHSA’s decision

Accepted programs are notified of their status and are added to the list of interventions awaiting review. Programs that are not accepted for review are given the reason for decline and are welcomed to resubmit during future open submission periods once the submission packet has been revised to address deficiencies.

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