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Course Overview

Course Overview (page 1)

About This Course (page 1)

Intended Audience (page2)

Learning Objectives (page 2)

Course Technical Requirements (page 3)

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Considerations for Submission

Considerations for Submission to NREPP (page 4)

Benefits of Inclusion in NREPP (page 5)

Determination of Submission Readiness (page 6)

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Submission Process

The NREPP Submission Process (page 7)

Minimum Review Requirements (page 8)

SAMHSA's Areas of Interest (page 9)

Automatic Exclusions (page 10)

Preparation of a Submission Packet (page 11)

Submission of an Intervention (page 12)

Notification of SAMHSA's Decision (page 13)

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Documentation for Review

Documentation Needed for the NREPP Review (page 14)

Quality of Research Review (page 15)

Documentation Needed for the Quality of Research Review (page 16)

Readiness for Dissemination Review (page 17)

Documentation Needed for the Readiness for Dissemination Review (page 18)

Descriptive Information (page 19)

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Contact Information

Contact Information (page 20)

Feedback (page 20)

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