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Legacy Program Summary

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IMPORTANT LEGACY NOTICE: Legacy Programs have not been reviewed by the current National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). The programs in this database were reviewed only under the previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system. This section is intended to be used for historical reference only. If you would like more information about a program listed here, please contact the program developer directly. The program developer of each Legacy Program listed here agreed to post program information on this site.

Adolescent Alcohol Prevention Trial

Brief Program Description

The Adolescent Alcohol Prevention Trial (AAPT)* is a classroom-based drug prevention program administered in the fifth grade with booster sessions conducted in the seventh grade. AAPT utilizes two social psychology-based strategies for preventing the onset of adolescent drug use. The first strategy, Resistance Training, is designed to give adolescents the behavioral skills necessary to refuse explicit drug offers. The second strategy, Normative Education (NORM), is designed to correct erroneous perceptions about the prevalence and acceptability of adolescent substance use and to establish conservative group norms. In addition, the program includes instruction about the social and health consequences of adolescent drug use. This component is called Information about Consequences of Use (ICU). In research testing, AAPT students received either information about consequences of drug use only, resistance skills only, normative education only, or resistance skills training in combination with normative education. Results showed that the combination of resistance skills training and normative education prevented drug use, but resistance skills training alone did not.

* Adolescent Alcohol Prevention Trial was a research project. The resulting curriculum is the Model Program, All Stars.

Contact Information

For indepth information on this program, please use the contact listed below.

Program Developer

William Hansen
Tanglewood Research, Inc.
420-A Gallimore Dairy Road
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: (800) 826-4539 or (336) 662-0090 ext. 101
Web site:

In April 1999, this program was designated as a Promising Program under SAMHSA's previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system.