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IMPORTANT LEGACY NOTICE: Legacy Programs have not been reviewed by the current National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). The programs in this database were reviewed only under the previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system. This section is intended to be used for historical reference only. If you would like more information about a program listed here, please contact the program developer directly. The program developer of each Legacy Program listed here agreed to post program information on this site.

Social Competence Promotion Program for Young Adolescents (SCPP-YA)

Brief Program Description

The forty-five session Social-Competence Promotion Program for Young Adolescents (SCPP-YA) is a social and emotional learning program that has three modules. The first module includes twenty-seven, 40-minute lessons of intensive instruction in self-control, stress management, social problem solving, and communication skills. The other modules include two nine-session programs that teach students to apply these personal and social competencies to the prevention of substance use and high-risk sexual behavior. This one-year program has produced benefits with diverse fifth- through seventh-grade populations. It is most effective when offered in the context of coordinated, multiyear social development and health-promotion programming.

Contact Information

For indepth information on this program, please use the contact listed below.

Program Developer

Roger P. Weissberg, Ph.D.
NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning
LAS Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology (M/C 285)
The University of Illinois at Chicago
1007 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607-7137
Phone: (312) 355-0640
Fax: (312) 355-0559
Email: rpw@uic.edu
Website #1: https://home.psch.uic.edu/content/roger-p-weissberg
Website #2: http://www.uic.edu/labs/selrg/

In April 2000, this program was designated as an Effective Program under SAMHSA's previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system.