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IMPORTANT LEGACY NOTICE: Legacy Programs have not been reviewed by the current National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). The programs in this database were reviewed only under the previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system. This section is intended to be used for historical reference only. If you would like more information about a program listed here, please contact the program developer directly. The program developer of each Legacy Program listed here agreed to post program information on this site.

Smoking Prevention Mass Media Intervention

Brief Program Description

The Smoking Prevention Mass Media Intervention studied the effects of long-term cigarette smoking prevention campaigns that used mass media and school-based interventions. The program assessed the campaigns' effects on children and youth in grades 5 through 10 living in Montana, New York, and Vermont communities receiving mass media and school-based interventions, compared to students in communities receiving only school-based interventions. In communities receiving the media interventions, an annual average of 540 television and 350 radio broadcasts were purchased in media programs popular with the intended student populations, each year for 4 years. The school-based intervention consisted of three or four lessons per year delivered over the same period.

Studies showed significant reductions in reported smoking and in the group that received both the mass media and school-based of interventions. Results included "cigarettes smoked per week" was reduced by 41 percent; "smoking cigarettes yesterday" was reduced by 34 percent; and "smoking in the past week" was reduced by 35 percent.

Program Development Support

The Smoking Prevention Mass Media Intervention was supported by research grants to the University of Vermont from the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with additional support from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Contact Information

For indepth information on this program, please use the contact listed below.

Program Developer

Brian S. Flynn, Sc.D.
Professor and Director
University of Vermont
College of Medicine
Office of Health Promotion Research
1 South Prospect Street
4425 Arnold
Burlington, VT 05401-3444
Phone: (802) 656-4187
Fax: (802) 656-8826
Email: brian.flynn@uvm.edu
Web site: www.umv.edu/~ohpr.

In May 2002, this program was designated as an Effective Program under SAMHSA's previous National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs system.